Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ray Davies & Chrissy Hynde: Postcard From London

I'm not exactly sure how I missed this great song last year. It was part of the Kinks Choral Collection released in November of 2009 in the States.

The story has it that Natalie, the daughter that Ray and Chrissy had together in the mid-80s, acted as the go-between to get the song to Hynde after Ray's current girlfriend cut the initial female part. No personal contact took place between Davies and Hynde during the recording. Chrissy simply came in one day, cut the vocal and that was it. Davies himself admits to being surprised that no discussion proceeded or followed Hynde cutting the vocal.

The song also visits the familiar landscape of Davies' London, including Hampstead and, of course, Waterloo.

Though references to snow and yuletide abound in the lyrics, Davies insists the tune was not intended as a Christmas song, saying that instead he was "looking
ahead to when I have grandchildren and they ask me: 'London – what is this place?' It was more about the disappearing landscape of old London, again a common theme in all of Ray's work!


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