Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome To Rick Haggard's Classic Trax Version 2.0

I miss records stores…. I mean I really miss record stores. Let’s be honest. I live what one of my good friend’s described as “the semi-retired lifestyle of a Mobile DJ”. As such, I’ve been known to have time on my hands virtually anytime of day.
For many years, then, I was able to wander the aisles of record stores at will. Having no boss or office to report to, I often spent leisurely hours and hours perusing the racks. In fact, it was often a running joke at my regular store that I knew the layout and stock better than most of the employees. Occasionally, I would be asked to help a shopper find a certain CD… that’s how well I knew the store.

I suppose that I should also clarify that I actually think SOME record, as in 12 inch vinyl. stores will be around a long time, especially on the internet. A more apt description would be that I miss CD stores because for the last 20 years or so, the fun was always in seeing what was new to CD for the first time, what was newly remastered, like all those Beach Boy albums I now own 12 different CD copies of, and what was actually new…. as in newly released music!

Sadly, those days are gone. Recently I attended a show where the artist announced that the upcoming CD would be his last. As no one actually buys the CDs, his reasoning was why bother releasing it that way, why not just instead just release songs as downloads they are completed?

Of course, this also means the days of concept and story albums will be ending. No more thematic coherence, no more song cycles, no more artists writing whole albums and brilliant dissertations of personal tragedies, divorces, and spiritual revelations! No turkey cacciatore. no turkey stew, no turkey sandwiches…..d%#@ Bumpuses!!

Consider this your record store, especially if you, like me, lean towards the lesser known, but very high quality artists! Like in all good record stores, you can expert the clerk to make an occasional off-the-wall recommendation that will turn you on to a future favorite artist and even to occasionally argue with your personal choice! Ah….. those were the days!

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