Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Best Version Ever of a Great Beatles B-Side

Back in, say, 1969-1970, when jukeboxes existed, The Beatles “Let It Be” was the hot single and. thus, often played. On the B-side, however, was this comedy classic, the Beatles best comedy song. If you have heard it, this is the longest most complete version, also cutting in some rare video footage that I had never seen before, dipping into ska, and the Holiday Inn lounge sound for good measure. I spent more quarters on this song than I care to count. ENJOY!!


  1. Love the blog, but what I really love is how you are totally rockin' those aviators!!! lol

  2. Thanks,ladies! Ah, when I was young...
    Hope we'll see each other soon. Meanwhile, expect a lot more posts and kindly share with anyone else who digs the old tunes....or the aviators, for that matter!